How can you establish an online management consulting company?

 How can you establish an online management consulting company?

How can you establish an online management consulting company?
How can you establish an online management consulting company?

 If you have extensive experience in management and provide valuable management consulting services to clients and business owners, it may be time to invest your expertise and move to a higher level by establishing a management consulting company and having a professional team to assist you in delivering your services to more clients. So, how can you establish an online management consulting company?

How can you establish an online management consulting company?

Table of Contents:

  • Why establish an online management consulting company?
  • How to establish a successful online management consulting company?
  • 3 tips for establishing a professional management consulting company

 Why establish an online management consulting company?

 Several reasons encourage you to establish a management consulting company, including the following:

1. Constant demand for management consulting:

 Organizational and administrative aspects are an essential part of companies of all sizes, making them constantly in need of management consulting. Consulting enables the company to effectively manage its operations, saving it from losses in time, effort, and money, and ensuring its sustainability. Start-up companies require management consulting in various situations, such as:

  • Organizational structure adjustment: The organizational structure assists in good management, and companies may need to adjust the structure at various times, either at the beginning of their operation or later to align with growth and expansion plans.
  • Discussing cost reduction strategies: Companies often seek different strategies to reduce costs, especially during times of crisis, and management consulting helps propose the best strategies to achieve that.
  • Improving work methodology and processes: Companies are concerned with having a clear methodology for managing and organizing work, and they need the expertise of consultants who can suggest the best work management mechanisms.

2. Opportunity for creativity and growth in your field:

 When you decide to establish a management consulting company, you open the door to working with diverse projects and companies that differ in their specialties, goals, and needs. This provides you with multiple opportunities for creativity and growth in your field of work, as a result of the varied work experiences.

 Therefore, even with the stability of the services you provide to your clients, each experience includes different details and challenges. This opens the door for creativity to propose the best suitable solutions for each company, according to its needs. Consequently, this will lead to your development in your field of work and provide you with extensive expertise that helps in your growth and enhances your professionalism.

3. Creating a profitable business with low operating costs:

 Establishing an online management consulting company stands out for its low operating costs. You do not need to set up a physical office with specialized equipment and tools; instead, you can manage the entire operation online. Additionally, you are not obligated to hire full-time employees; you can rely on freelancers to work with you. This means you only pay for the completed work without the need to bear fixed salary costs.

 On the other hand, there are real opportunities to make profits from a management consulting company because companies recognize their need to find suitable solutions for the problems they face. This makes them willing to pay a good fee to experts in exchange for accessing appropriate solutions. The more experience and expertise you possess, the greater your opportunity to achieve profits.

How to Establish a Successful Online Management Consulting Company?

 You can explore various opportunities to establish a management consulting company, but it requires following a set of essential steps to ensure the proper foundation of your business. Therefore, establishing a management consulting company includes the following procedures:

1. Thorough Market Research:

 Before taking any practical steps for your project, it is crucial to conduct a thorough and in-depth study of your target market, analyzing and utilizing the obtained information for the subsequent phases of your business. Market research includes:

  • Determining the expected scope of service delivery, such as whether you will operate in a local, regional, or global market or a combination of several markets simultaneously.
  • Studying the demand for management consulting and the specific types of consulting services that interest clients in this market.
  • Analyzing the competition and the services they offer, as well as assessing client satisfaction with their services.
  • Identifying potential clients for your project and describing the ideal client for your company.

2. Legal Establishment of the Company:

 One of the most important requirements for establishing a management consulting company is adherence to legal compliance to ensure conformity with regulations and laws and to prevent any potential violations in the future. Legal registration of your company will also assist in creating contracts with clients, a critical step that adds credibility to your business and serves as a reference to ensure the rights of both parties.

 This step involves determining the appropriate company type and obtaining the necessary documents, such as a trade license and payment of the required registration fees. The specific documents and costs may vary from one country to another, so it is essential to select the country for registering your company based on the findings of your market research.

 If you wish to establish your company remotely without the need for a physical presence, establishing a company in Dubai may be a suitable option for you, as it offers the possibility of establishing a company remotely.

3. Choose the appropriate business model:

 Choosing the right business model for your consulting company is an important step to ensure success and have a clear mechanism for generating profits. There are several business models you can choose from when establishing a management consulting company, and you can combine multiple options based on your vision. The most important business models for management consulting companies are:

a. Solo Consultant Model:

 This model relies primarily on providing consultations by yourself, while the role of the company's team is to handle other tasks such as marketing, finances, and operations. This model ensures the quality of results as it relies on your expertise, but it may affect the growth and scalability of consulting delivery since everything depends on your capacity to provide consultations.

b. Consulting Firm Model:

 This model involves hiring other consultants to work with you in providing management consulting services. In this case, your role would be to focus more on management and overseeing the work. This model allows you to access a larger client base, but it requires effort in selecting the consulting team that will work with you. You can hire the best specialized independent consultants in management consulting from platforms like "Mostaql", the largest freelancing network in the Arab region, which has professionals with the necessary skills and expertise to deliver the required consultations.

c. Productized Consulting Model:

 This model relies on leveraging your management expertise and packaging it as a product that you can offer to companies. For example, you can prepare a guide on how to implement a specific management methodology using specific tools, which you send to companies seeking consultation on improving their management and organization. This model allows you to serve a large number of companies by sending them the productized model and requesting them to follow the steps within it. However, it does not guarantee the final quality due to providing the same product to all companies, as it loses the value of customization.

 Of course, you can combine these three models when establishing a management consulting company, which may be the best option for you. It will help you serve a large client base while maintaining the customization of solutions provided to clients.

4. Defining the Company's Work Mechanism:

 In addition to the business model used in establishing the company, it is also important to define the work mechanisms that will be followed in providing the consultations. In general, consultations involve three stages:

  • Analysis and providing opinions and advice: This stage includes providing analytical consultations on the current situation and offering general opinions and advice. For example, analyzing the current organizational structure and providing general recommendations for improvement.
  • Developing the implementation plan: Based on the analysis, you can create a clear plan with details and steps on how to change the current situation. For instance, after analyzing the organizational structure, you can present a clear plan that includes details of the new structure, modifications, and job descriptions for new roles.
  • Implementing the plan: Contributing to the execution of the plan and its specific procedures. For example, after developing the implementation plan for organizational development, you can participate in hiring suitable individuals, ensuring their selection aligns with the company's needs, and providing appropriate training for them.

 You can establish different work mechanisms to suit the needs of each company, including providing services in all three stages or limiting services to one or two stages. Having diverse options helps attract more clients and provide customized solutions according to each client's needs.

5. Identifying Types of Management Consultations Offered by the Company:

 Just as it is important to define the business model and service delivery mechanism when establishing a management consulting company, it is also necessary to consider the types of management consultations that will be offered by the company. Some types of management consultations include:

  • Strategic Consultations: Focuses on the company's long-term vision and goals.
  • Human Resources Consultations: Deals with efficiently managing the human element within the company.
  • Technology Consultations: Evaluate and develop technological aspects within the project, such as tools and software used.
  • Operations Consultations: Aim to improve the performance of daily operations in the project and enhance efficiency or reduce production costs.

 It is good to offer services in various types of consultations, but make sure you can attract experts in each area to ensure the quality of the final result. This way, there will be no disparity in the services provided due to differences among the consultants you collaborate with within the company.

6. Recruiting the Consulting Team in the Company:

 You can hire the best specialized independent consultants to provide management consultations. You can do this by following the following steps:

a) Specify the appropriate consultant specifications:

Based on the company's model, work mechanism, and types of consultations, determine the suitable consultant specifications to work with you in the company. This includes specifying the required experiences, skills, expected tasks to be executed, and other criteria that will help you select the consultants correctly.

b) Add different projects on Mostaqel:

 Do not try to attract all consultants to one project, but add different projects on Mostaqel. This will give you a higher level of specialization. You can assign each project to attract experts in a specific type of management consultation, ensuring the quality of the hiring process.

c) Evaluate the freelancers:

 After receiving proposals for your project, evaluate the freelancers to choose the best among them. Review the freelancer's profile and assess their experiences in this field, ensuring they have suitable work samples that align with your needs. Also, evaluate the project proposal written by the freelancer, and based on the predetermined criteria, select the most suitable consultants to hire.

7. Pricing Management Consulting Services:

 One of the most important steps in establishing a successful management consulting company is choosing the appropriate pricing model for the services. You can combine multiple models based on the nature of the consulting services you provide and the stages of work followed. Some of the common pricing models for consulting services include:

  • Hourly Rate: Agreeing on a pricing structure based on hourly rates, where the number of hours worked is calculated, and the client pays the corresponding fee. For example, if the hourly rate is $5 and the work took 10 hours, the final value would be $5 × 10 = $50.
  • Daily Rate: Agree on a pricing structure based on daily rates regardless of the number of working hours. For example, if the daily rate is $30 and the work is executed over 5 days, the final value would be $30 × 5 = $150.
  • Project-Based Pricing: Agreeing on a fixed price for the entire project, regardless of the time and duration of execution. The pricing here is determined based on the nature and details of the project.
  • Monthly Retainer: This strategy suits continuous work with clients that involves providing your services for an extended period. You can agree on a fixed monthly fee in exchange for executing the required tasks.

 These pricing models can be adjusted and customized according to the specific needs and circumstances of each project or client.

8. Designing the Company's Website:

 Having an electronic presence for your company is essential for a professional image and showcasing the services your company offers and promoting them. Therefore, ensure you design a distinctive website and use it as a primary channel to attract customers. Pay attention to a simple design for your website that provides the best user experience for your clients, and make sure the following details are present on your website's pages:

  • Services: Introduce the services your company offers and provide details on how to access them. Use appropriate keywords to make it easier for customers to find your website and services through search engines.
  • Company Introduction and Team: The team is the most important asset when establishing a management consulting company because clients will trust your expertise based on the competence of your team. So, make sure to introduce the company, the team, and the experiences of each team member.
  • Work Samples: Include samples of previous consulting projects that you and your team have executed, and showcase the results and successes of your consulting work to gain the trust of clients.

 To design a professional website for your company, hire a professional web developer from a freelance website. Create a project with the necessary details and compare offers from experienced freelancers in this field to execute your project.

9. Promoting the Consulting Services Offered by the Company:

 One of the most critical factors for the success of establishing a management consulting company is implementing appropriate marketing activities to promote your company's services, attract potential clients, and convert them into actual customers. Among the essential marketing activities you can utilize are:

  • Content Marketing: Content marketing strategy helps you gain the trust of your clients and share your expertise in the field of management consulting. You can rely on various content marketing activities, such as writing blogs, creating podcasts, producing videos, conducting webinars, and other related activities.
  • Inbound Marketing: Inbound marketing activities are suitable for promoting your company's services, as they provide a professional means of collecting customer data and attracting potential clients. Effective forms of inbound marketing include e-books, case studies, and ready-to-use templates.
  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Word-of-mouth marketing relies on making your current clients advocates for your services. This occurs when they are highly satisfied with what you offer, leading them to share their experiences with others and recommend your company to additional customers.
  • Offering Free Consultations: One of the most effective marketing activities for attracting clients is offering free consultations. This method allows potential clients to have a genuine experience with your company and benefit from your expertise, encouraging them to take the next step, which is purchasing the services you offer.

 You can hire a professional digital marketer through a freelance platform who will be responsible for implementing the necessary marketing activities for your company, ensuring the professional promotion of your services, and attracting clients to your project.

10. Managing Company Operations through a Freelancer for Enterprises:

 One of the important steps in establishing a successful management consulting company is having a mechanism to manage the company's operations. Fortunately, you can rely on an enterprise-level freelancer as a tailored solution to help you manage all daily operations efficiently, by tracking spending, monitoring the operational budget, and more through a unified balance. You can effectively use an enterprise freelancer through the following steps:

  • Create an Account for Your Enterprise: You can create an account for your enterprise for free using the same freelance account. All you need to do is add the company's information. This will give you a single dashboard through which you can manage everything related to your company on the freelance platform.
  • Add the Work Teams: Create a set of different work teams within your enterprise account according to the organizational structure you used when establishing the management consulting company. Add the members of each team and assign permissions to each team member based on their role.
  • Manage Company Projects: Monitor the projects published by you or your work team, collaborate with them in managing them, and share different notes about freelancers and projects to ensure the work proceeds with the required efficiency.

3 Tips for Establishing a Professional Management Consulting Company:

 Establishing a management consulting company involves various tasks and challenges, so some tips can help you set up and manage the company professionally. Among the most important of these tips are:

1. Carefully Choose Your Consulting Team:

 Companies turn to management consulting as a solution for complex problems that cannot be easily handled with their current in-house expertise. In such cases, companies seek high-quality solutions from external sources and place trust in the expertise that the consultant will bring to them during collaboration.

 Therefore, it is crucial to select your consulting team carefully to ensure that you have a team capable of delivering the required quality that satisfies the client's expectations. Establish clear selection processes and specific criteria, and periodically add new projects on the freelance platform to attract the best consultants and collaborate with them as part of your company's team.

2. Form Relevant Partnerships for Your Business:

 One of the distinguishing features of consulting firms is their ability to establish partnerships that are related to the company's operations. This allows their clients to benefit from the company's services and the services of its partners according to their needs. Therefore, create relevant partnerships for your business and identify these partnerships based on the following:

  • Analyzing customer needs during market research.
  • Directly asking customers about complementary services they require.
  • Your observations while working with companies and exploring their different needs.

3. Continuous Development and Learning:

 Management and its methods are constantly evolving, and new methodologies, strategies, and tools are continuously emerging to improve management processes and adapt to changes and crises. Therefore, it's crucial not to stop evolving and continuously learning about management sciences. Don't just rely on the knowledge you currently possess after successfully establishing a management consulting company. Instead, always strive to stay updated on anything new that can benefit your work.

 Continuously enhance the solutions you offer to your clients by adding new strategies and utilizing the latest tools you've learned. Rely on the best and most cutting-edge technologies, as this will provide true added value, helping you deliver the highest possible quality in your management consulting services.


 In conclusion, establishing a management consulting company can be the highlight of your professional life, but it requires executing all the startup steps professionally. Therefore, make sure to do so, and don't hesitate to seek assistance from top professionals on a freelance platform to help you in establishing and managing your company.


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