Make money online: 22 effective tips for your business in 2023

 Make money online: 22 effective tips for your business in 2023.

  Many still dream of making money online in 2023 - but how do you start? And does it even make sense during times of crisis? Find all the answers to your questions and the best models for getting started and making money online quickly in this article. You have it in your hands and can start online today.

Make money online: 22 effective tips for your business in 2023
Make money online: 22 effective tips for your business in 2023

22 Effective Tips for Making Money Online.

 There are many good opportunities to make money online from home nowadays. Particularly, part-time self-employment, such as having your own online business, is very appealing because here, you are your boss and not bound by earning limits as in a part-time job. However, there are certain things to consider to Make money online with part-time self-employment.

 To give you an overview, we want to reveal which questions you will find answers to in this article:

  • How can I Make money online?
  • Can I Make money online part-time?
  • What do I need to know about part-time self-employment?
  • How does health insurance work when starting a side business?
  • Which taxes are relevant for part-time activities?
  • What tips can I use to make money online?

The right mindset to make money online:

 You need the courage to take the step towards self-employment, but above all, joy in being your boss. We want to support you in this step. Make use of our detailed information on Making money online and building your online business. Additionally, we will share 22 tips on how you can legally Make money from home on the side - initially part-time as well.

 For many strategies, you can access our free webinars, making it particularly easy to start Making money online. Here, you will receive valuable tips, and we will show you further opportunities to make money online.

Making money online in the e-commerce market:

 If you want to make money online, you're in the right place: the e-commerce market. Despite all crises, the e-commerce market, which refers to online trade, continues to grow steadily by around 10 percent per year. 2023 is the perfect year to earn a significant amount of money online. 

 Regardless of which path you choose from the options below, you will first need a trade license, whether you work from home or not. This cost is approximately $20, but prices may vary from city to city. Initially, registration as a small business owner is sufficient for your own online business.

Making money online: These are the advantages

An online business has many advantages. Here are the four most important advantages for you:

  • Flexibility: First and foremost, you have the freedom to work on your terms, both in terms of time and location. You can work anytime and from anywhere as long as you have a laptop or tablet and a stable internet connection. You can even manage your business from your smartphone.
  • Being your boss: When Making money online, you usually have control over the scope and workload of your work. You decide whether you want to work 5, 10, or 40 hours per week.
  • Combination possibilities: You don't have to limit yourself to a single option to Make money online; you can operate multiple businesses and income sources simultaneously. If you have enough knowledge and ambition, nothing is stopping you from combining various opportunities to increase your revenue. This flexibility is rarely offered by other types of work.
  • Growth: The online market is growing like no other. The e-commerce market, or online trade, encompasses all purchases made over the Internet. In Germany alone, the value of goods purchased online in 2022 exceeded 103 billion USD, and the trend is on the rise. In this market, many different business models are easy to learn, such as affiliate marketing. According to the German Association for the Digital Economy, every $7  in online commerce is generated through affiliate marketing. You can start with this method part-time as well.


 Engaging in part-time self-employment is a good way to quickly Make money online. It will likely take some time before you can fully rely on it as your main source of income. Being part-time means that you earn your primary income from another activity. 

 However, taxes must be paid for both activities in the end. This is where part-time self-employment differs from a mini-job: you don't pay taxes on a mini-job, but you are limited by an earnings threshold. Additionally, a mini-job is often not suitable for Making money online since these jobs are typically performed in the physical world and less frequently from home. 

 The first step is to register for a trade license. If you generate income, you must report it to the tax office.

 By the way, you can also start a part-time business and generate additional income online while being unemployed. You can Make money online quickly and legitimately in this way. However, you are not allowed to work more than 15 hours per week and still need to continue applying for jobs.

Part-time self-employment and the employer:

 If you want to generate additional income online while being employed, your activity must not conflict with your employer. That means you cannot compete with your employer or poach customers from them. 

 Additionally, your employer must approve your self-employment for you to make money online quickly. However, there are only a few cases in which they can prohibit you from engaging in part-time self-employment. This can only happen if they see it as a potential threat to the proper execution of your main job. 

 For example, if you are self-employed at night, Making money online, and have to show up for work in the early morning, your boss can rightly assume that your performance will be compromised.

What about health insurance when starting a side business?

 If you generate additional income online, you are already insured through your employer or the job center for health, pension, and long-term care insurance. However, it is advisable to inform your health insurance provider about your self-employment to avoid legal issues. This is because the income from your self-employment will be added to your income from your main job, which can affect the amount of your contributions. 

 If you are still studying and aiming for self-employment to Make money online, it is important to consult with your health insurance provider.

Full-time or part-time self-employment?

 Certain circumstances can turn your part-time job into a full-time job. This is the case, for example, if you work more in your part-time activity than in your main job or if you earn more from your part-time job. It also applies if you hire someone, which automatically makes you a full-time entrepreneur. 

 The magical 15-hour limit applies at the employment agency. So what happens when you transition from part-time to full-time self-employment? As a self-employed person, you no longer have to contribute to the pension and unemployment insurance and can switch to private health insurance if you want.

Part-time self-employment and taxes:

 When you register your business activity, you indicate on the form whether you are operating it as your main or side job. Either way, after registering your trade license, you will receive correspondence from the tax office and have to fill out a questionnaire. The declared status of your self-employment is irrelevant to the amount of taxes you pay since the tax office combines the income from all your activities. However, if you choose to apply the small business regulation because you will generate less than  $22,000 in revenue in the first year after starting your business, you are not allowed to show sales tax on your invoices and do not have to remit it to the tax office.

 Now it's time to consider how you can make money online either as a side income or full-time from home. We would like to recommend a business with digital products. Digital products are cost-effective, can be replicated indefinitely, and you can start today.

Making Money Online: 22 Tips on How to Legitimately Make Money on the Internet in 2023

 Now that the formalities are taken care of, it's time to explore ideas for making money online quickly and legitimately. Below, we have listed 22 ways to earn good money in 2023. 


 First, you need to consider what you can sell on the internet to legally earn money. Almost anything can be turned into profit nowadays, from hand soap to sophisticated software. To generate revenue with an online shop, you primarily need one thing: a brilliant business idea.

 If you have a unique product or service that hasn't been widely offered or not offered at all, you've taken the first important step. This may mean you have discovered a niche that you can cover with an online shop on the internet. An example could be an online shop for fishing equipment or cat food.

 To effectively present your offer to potential customers and ultimately make sales, you need the following requirements:

  • A well-designed website to make money online quickly.
  • Appropriate marketing measures.
  • High traffic on your site.

 A well-designed website means it functions flawlessly, has a clear and organized structure, and contains all the essential information about your offer.

 Your website is your showcase, so make sure it allows visitors to get acquainted with your products or services and encourages them to stay. Utilize your social media channels as well: invite your family, friends, and acquaintances to visit your site, share it with their circles, and like it.

 Over time, this will increase your visitor numbers. The more traffic you generate, the greater the chance of successfully selling your product or service. By meeting these requirements, you will soon be able to earn a significant amount of money quickly and legitimately with your online shop.

2. Working from Home - Making Money through Affiliate Marketing 

 If you run a blog or own a personal website, it is a lucrative opportunity to make money online in a legitimate way. You can utilize affiliate programs that offer advertising materials for you to incorporate on your site. Imagine, for example, that you have a passion for crafting and operate a crafting blog. There, you provide practical instructions on how your readers can create an elaborate calendar, for instance. 

 In the process, you can also make a recommendation, such as "I always use the glue from XY to stick the individual cardboard strips together." Subsequently, you create a link to the product page of the affiliate network for which you want to advertise, using the designation "glue from XY."

 If your readers are interested in this glue, they click on the link and ideally purchase that exact glue through your link. At that moment, when the purchase is completed, you receive a commission. 

 Now, you need a suitable affiliate program to create referral links. The following providers could be interesting for you:

  • Amazon PartnerNet
  • MyLead
  • Check24-Partnerprogramm

 With affiliate Marketing, you often have the choice of which method you want to use as the basis for Making money online: pay-per-click (PPC), pay-per-lead (PPL), or pay-per-order (PPO). All these programs serve the purpose of Making money online quickly and legitimately.

 In PPC, you receive compensation for each click on the link or banner, often in the cent range. PPL is rewarded when people sign up for a newsletter or register on a website through your link. The compensation can range from 1 to 40 euros. PPO means that each purchase is rewarded with a commission, usually between 2 and 25 percent of the purchase value.

Start Your Own Online Business with Affiliate Marketing:

 As you can see, it is not that difficult to establish your own online business with affiliate marketing. Initially, you need a little patience and have to build a loyal readership, but then you can make money through affiliate marketing. If you want to get started today and need some practical tips, we recommend attending our Online Business Webinar. There, you will learn:

  • All the details about the best partner programs with the highest commissions.
  • How much extra income you can generate as a beginner in affiliate marketing?
  • Which internet industry offers the best growth opportunities and is currently particularly profitable?


 Influencers are individuals who primarily use their social media channels to promote products or services of companies. 

 Companies pay them money because their followers trust the personal recommendations of influencers and are more likely to make a purchase based on them. But don't worry! You don't have to be as famous to Make Money as an influencer online. 

 Currently, the so-called micro-influencers are gaining more popularity. They may have fewer followers, but they have a particularly loyal following that pays close attention to their product recommendations.

That's why you can also start as an influencer and build a lucrative side income. All you need to do is sign up on websites like:


 and promote products on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram for a commission. 

 If you have a blog or YouTube channel with a significant number of followers, you can rightfully consider yourself an influencer. People follow you because you focus on specific topics and contribute to shaping opinions. This type of marketing has become a multimillion-dollar business. Once you achieve success as an influencer, you can potentially make money from home on the side.

 The most important rule in this line of work is to always remain authentic and provide your visitors with informative and interesting content. 

 If your YouTube channel or Instagram account becomes boring, your followers will quickly disappear and may not come back.


 Answering surveys is considered a very good and secure method to make money online. To participate in such surveys, all you need to do is create an account with various market research institutes through free registration. Then, you can answer surveys online on topics such as lifestyle products, online shopping behavior, or clothing.

 The market researchers will invite you to interviews that match your profile. You will receive a fee for participating in a survey, which can be up to $15. If you participate in a large number of surveys, a significant amount of money can accumulate. 

 However, experiences show that participants are often screened out after the initial answers if their responses do not match the survey's topic. Therefore, earning money quickly online through legitimate surveys is possible but often relies on luck and is more suitable as a side gig.


 Do you enjoy testing products? Then try working as a product tester. The simplicity of this work-from-home job and earning money lies in the fact that you usually receive the test products for free and get to keep them after the testing period. 

 For example, you could test a new pan that is supposed to have excellent heat conductivity. Then, you write a review and explain in detail whether the pan fulfills its purpose and highlight any potential issues.

To work as a product tester and Make money online, you need to apply on relevant websites such as:


 After registration, you will be selected for specific tests based on your profile. You will receive the product to be tested along with detailed instructions on how to use it. Then, you evaluate the item according to the specified period and write a review afterward. 

 You usually submit this review directly to the manufacturing company rather than the platform where you registered. Sometimes, your compensation may be the product itself, which you can keep. In many cases, you can also receive cash rewards of up to $40. The amount of compensation depends, among other factors, on the type of test.

6. Making money online as an Author:

 A great way to work from home and make money on the side is by becoming an author or writer. In the past, you had to send your manuscript to countless publishers, but today you can start as a self-publisher. 

 One lucrative option is to publish an eBook. More and more people are buying books online instead of going to bookstores. They download books onto their PC, tablet, or eBook reader.

  Additionally, you can easily distribute an eBook at a low cost since you don't have to print physical copies. Instead, you can simply send a digital file or integrate it into a reader. If you enjoy writing and want to publish an eBook, you might be wondering: what should I write about? How can I fill those empty pages? To answer this question, you can start by looking at your past experiences or interests.

An Example of Your Entry as an eBook Author:

 The general rule for Making money online as an author is that once you become an expert in a specific field, you can write an eBook and share your strategies. Do you have any particular success strategies that have helped you in your life? Then write an eBook on that exact topic to help your readers. This is exactly what best-selling author Hermann Scherer did. He convinced millions of readers with his successful books and eBooks. You can find his eBooks, which can be sent as PDF files, on various online platforms.

 After writing your eBook as a PDF, you can download one of the free formatting programs such as Kindle Textbook Creator, Mobipocket Creator, Calibre, or Sigil. Insert your text and format it, and you'll have your finished eBook. Some websites can handle the essential tasks for you for a fee. These include:

  • Kindle Direct Publishing by Amazon
  • Tradition
  • Tolino-Media

 Afterward, it's important to offer your eBook on various online platforms and generate income from it. Popular platforms include Digistore24, as well as b├╝ and Amazon. Find the platform that suits you best and start with your eBook.


 You can also earn good and fast money on the Internet by writing texts but in the form of commissioned work. Initially, you need to find clients who can assign you tasks for such texts. Therefore, you must constantly keep an eye out for new clients to quickly Make money online.

 In addition, you can register on content platforms where, after signing up, you need to provide a sample text to be evaluated for quality. Based on this text, you will be classified into a quality level. In your respective quality level, you can then accept assignments and submit them upon completion. If you write high-quality articles, they will be accepted relatively quickly by the clients and compensated through the platform.

 Sometimes, you may receive texts back for revision, which may prolong the process. Especially during times when there is a lack of clients in the freelance market, earning through content platforms can ensure your livelihood. Particularly at the beginning of your career as an online writer, it is important to write many articles to generate income to sustain your living. You can register on the following content platforms to make money online:


  By the way, freelance writers are often paid per word, and the compensation ranges from 1 to 10 cents per word. The price primarily depends on the quality of your texts. The more creative they are and the fewer grammatical or formal errors they contain, the more the client is willing to pay. Fixed prices for texts are mainly paid by newspaper editors, although obtaining assignments from them is not easy.


Creating Translations:

 A special form of working from home as a writer is creating translations for clients to quickly Make money online. Perhaps you not only fluently speak your native language but have also learned other foreign languages such as English, Spanish, French, or Chinese. In that case, you can immediately start earning money on the Internet.

 On websites like Lengoo, translators are constantly sought after to translate everything from simple letters to highly complex contracts. Especially with business or academic translations, it's not just about correct grammar but also about understanding the original text's intention and conveying it in the desired language while making money.

 To earn quick money Online as a translator, you need excellent language skills, good comprehension, a keen sense of language, as well as abilities in information retrieval (research) and audience targeting. The latter is crucial because certain texts are only suitable for a specific group of people, and this must be reflected in the translation when Making money online.

Working as an Online Language Teacher:

 In addition to using your language skills for traditional translations, you can also work as an online language teacher. Whether as a tutor for students or providing private lessons for a businessman looking to improve their Spanish skills, there are numerous opportunities to make money online as an online language teacher. 


Transcribing Texts to Make Money Online Immediately:

 Anyone who has conducted a very detailed and lengthy interview knows how time-consuming the subsequent transcription can be. Many are grateful to be able to hand over this task to professionals. You can also easily Make money online by transcribing audio or video files for clients on platforms like The compensation is based on the number of minutes transcribed. Your hourly wage will therefore depend on your speed.

9. Earning Money with Photos - How It Works

 Making money online with photos is a popular and lucrative way to earn extra money in 2023. It is suitable for you if you have a creative flair and perhaps already enjoy taking photos. 

 You can refine your skills to a professional level by watching YouTube videos or taking a course. Generally, digital camera technology and the various options for image editing pave the way for many creatives to turn their passion for photography into real money. This applies not only to photos but also to graphics. However, here we will focus on the topic of photography.

 To succeed in making money with photos, you need a camera, a good eye, and an image editing program. The best camera for this purpose is a digital single-lens reflex camera that allows you to capture high-resolution photos. This way, you can make money online, legitimately and quickly.

Sell your photos on the internet:

You can offer your photos online at various image agencies that specialize in different subjects. Among the most well-known websites for Making money online are:


 The image agencies grant usage rights or licenses on your behalf. Customers pay to be able to use the photos. However, this can also lead to overlaps, where different photos can appear on different websites. 

 There is also the option to offer your images exclusively or to create extra photos for clients to earn money quickly online. In that case, it is best to market them through your website, which you promote on social networks like Facebook. However, it only becomes worthwhile to earn money quickly on the internet when you offer many images on various platforms.

Earning money with photography online - your opportunities in 2023:

 For a photographer, there is more than one way to earn legitimate money with photography on the internet. We still have a few ideas on how you can get off to a good start as a photographer. However, some of them require more than just a website and a Facebook account; you will need to reach out to customers and have client interactions. But there are worse things, right?

Offer your services as a photographer:

 It doesn't have to be wedding photography right away, for which you need a knack - even events in your local area, parties, and anniversaries appreciate a competent photographer who captures the event in pictures.

Sell products with your photos through Print on Demand:

 In the past, photographers or artists had to print their designs on products, store them, and ultimately hope that they would be sold. This not only posed a high risk but also incurred enormous costs. Today, it's easier with Print on Demand! With print-on-demand, what the name promises happens. Your products are only printed when an order is placed. All you need is your photos, the internet, and a website where you can promote your items.

 Take your best shots and upload them through a provider specializing in photo products. For example, there's Spreadshirt, as well as Printful or Printify. There, you can have shirts, mugs, and much more printed with a photo or graphic. It's completely hassle-free for you because even the shipping is taken care of. You receive a commission for each purchase, allowing you to earn money quickly online. Sounds like a great concept? Then start with Print on Demand today and build your own business.

Make your photos the subject on YouTube:

 While you learn how to create and edit your photos to achieve the desired results, you gather a lot of tips that you can share with other hobby photographers. So, create small videos about techniques and tricks, gaining more attention as a photographer and Making money online at the same time.

 With these tips, you should be able to make money online alongside your photography.


 This usually involves visiting specific locations, taking pictures, answering a few questions, and forwarding everything to the app. You receive a fee for each completed task. To generate a decent side income, you need to take on a large number of tasks. But as they say, every little bit counts - meaning, each task adds money to your account at the end of the month.


 First and foremost, it's important to note that wanting to Make money online with your blog in 2023 is not a matter of a few days or weeks but is usually a long-term endeavor. However, it is a sustainable method to Make money online legitimately on the side. As a blogger, you publish articles, provide tips, delve deep into topics, or rent advertising space on your blog. For example, you can focus on a fitness trend, special dietary habits, or fashion.

 This method is suitable for you if you enjoy writing or know someone who can do it inexpensively for you. Good content is the key factor for a successful blog, and providing added value to your target audience is particularly important here.

 There are blogs on every topic imaginable, from organizing children's birthdays to marketing topics to DIY content. Anything is possible as long as other people are interested in it and seek information online.

The basic requirements to monetize your blog:

  • An engaging topic that interests your target audience.
  • Problems for which you offer solutions to earn money on the side.
  • A domain that ideally has a few years of history.
  • Fast loading times.
  • Regularly updated content.
  • All other tricks related to SEO.
  • TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC - Just as location is crucial for a physical store, visibility is the most important requirement for monetizing your blog.

 You can earn a lot of money online with your blog. However, try not to focus solely on one website but ideally build multiple sites. Once you have learned how it works, it becomes easier. Many bloggers use WordPress to showcase their content. WordPress has many advantages as it is user-friendly and can be made visually appealing with a few simple steps. However, there are several things to consider to successfully blog with WordPress.

Successfully blogging with WordPress - Basic tips:

  • Perform all updates and keep your blog up to date to quickly earn money online.
  • Be cautious with plugins: having too many can affect loading times or create a security vulnerability.
  • Adhere to the rules regarding data protection (keyword: GDPR).

Market your blog:

 Of course, you also need to market your blog. Connect it to social media platforms and share your post images on Pinterest and Instagram. This is how you can earn money online, legitimately and quickly.

Monetizing your blog: the key options:

Your blog now has its first visitors, maybe even a few more. How can you turn these visitors into money? There are various ways to make money online quickly. We'll show you the most important ones:

Google AdSense:

 The most common way to earn money from home with your blog is by including advertisements. As a blogger, you can participate in Google AdSense. Once you are approved, you embed small codes in the appropriate places on your blog. Google then displays advertisements to your visitors. You earn money with each click on an ad, usually between $0.10 and $0.80.

 This method is simple and works wonderfully on mobile devices as well. Google pays out the earnings from your blog every month once the income threshold has been reached. However, there are also disadvantages to consider. Many visitors have ad blockers installed and won't see the ads. Additionally, advertisements can negatively affect loading times, and you must mention the ads in your privacy policy and display a cookie notice.

Directly selling advertising space:

When earning money from home with your blog, you can generate more income the more directly you can negotiate with your partners. As a blogger, you are interesting to any company whose target audience you reach, which is why earning money quickly on the internet works well.

How to convince advertising partners:

 Of course, this only applies if you have many readers. So, you prepare a media kit where you present your key figures. As your site becomes more well-known, companies will surely approach you on their own. Otherwise, you can also proactively offer your advertising space.

 Banners are usually not recognized by ad blockers, and you don't have to provide any notice in your privacy policy. Possible downside: Banner advertising is often simply ignored by many readers.

Making money online with sponsored posts:

 Sponsored posts are an irregular but lucrative way to generate income with your blog. In such cases, you write a blog article about a company's product and share it on social media. The post should not appear overly promotional but must be marked as advertising. However, you should not use this method too frequently in your online side income to ensure that paid content does not dominate your blog.

 The more readers you have, the higher your earnings can be with sponsored posts when earning money on the side.

Marketing your products with your blog:

 Your blog is naturally ideal for marketing your products. You can write interesting articles related to your main topic and engage your readers. Focus not primarily on your products but on the benefits they and your articles provide to your visitors. Be generous with your tips and regularly publish new content. Include links to your shop in the overall context.

 The advantage: When you directly market products through your blog, you can achieve the highest earnings. Since there is no intermediary or affiliate, you can enjoy the entire cake for yourself - after deducting all investment costs, of course.

 With our tips, earning money on the internet with your blog is a piece of cake - if you stay committed and show a little patience.

12. Offering Webinars:

 A webinar is an interactive online broadcast where hundreds of participants can watch and actively participate in a live webinar or recording. 

 Webinars are ideal for sharing your knowledge with others and Making money online. The advantage of webinars over seminars in online money-making is that a larger number of people can participate, and they can watch it comfortably from their homes.

 So, if you are knowledgeable about a specific topic and want to share your expertise with others, a webinar is the ideal way to make money online in 2023 - even from home.

The right strategy for Making money online with webinars:

 With webinars, you can choose whether to offer them for a fee or for free. Although it may not seem so at first, you can also earn good money with free webinars. 

 Often, the free option can be more profitable for making money online than the paid option. If you offer your webinar for free, more people will watch it. This way, you can build a customer base and offer them paid follow-up products, such as a more in-depth webinar. This allows customers to get an impression of you first and then decide if they want to learn more from you and purchase the initial products.

 Fewer people will participate in paid webinars, but you will directly earn your first money online, legitimately and legally. 

 The choice of which option to pursue is ultimately yours. However, if you offer additional products, the free webinar usually pays off because it allows you to attract more people's attention. Some proven software tools for creating webinars and Making money online include:

  • Webinars
  • edudip
  • Webinar jam

Getting started in the webinar business quickly:

 You have everything you need to get started in the webinar business and start Making money online. So, dare to do it! Choose a topic in which you have special information or experience and start with your webinars.

13. SEO Optimization for Businesses:

 For companies that want to rank high, SEO optimization (Search Engine Optimization) is essential. Search engine optimization refers to measures that increase the visibility of a website in organic search engine results. As a result, websites that rank high in search engines attract more visitors and can earn money on the side.

 If you have a good understanding of SEO optimization, it makes sense to offer it as a service to businesses. But even if you're not familiar with it and have your website, it's important to educate yourself on the topic and improve your website. This way, you can not only make money but also expand your knowledge online.

14. Social Trading:

 In times of low-interest rates set by the European Central Bank, more and more people are exploring alternative investment and savings products. Often, trading securities is chosen as it can generate high profits. However, trading can become problematic if one lacks the necessary knowledge. In such cases, the chances of returns quickly diminish, and losses can occur.

 If you are knowledgeable about stocks, that's great because you have excellent opportunities to earn money online. If you're not familiar with it, social trading may be an alternative for you to make money online. With social trading, you exchange information with other retail investors about the latest developments in the financial market and follow the lead of professionals.

 On one side of social trading are the signal providers or social traders. These can be hobby traders or experienced retail investors. They openly share their trading strategies, making them visible and understandable to everyone. 

 On the other side, some followers or investors choose the strategies they find promising. Once an investor has decided on a strategy, they can copy it and achieve success themselves. Of course, even professional traders can make mistakes, so there is always some level of risk involved. However, social trading allows beginners to learn the trading process and benefit from the knowledge of others.

15. Selling Homemade Products:

 Do you enjoy creating your products that others might like? you can quickly make money online by selling your homemade products. One way to do this, as mentioned above, is through your online shop. However, even without a shop of your own, you can sell your products to customers. Platforms like Amazon offer you the opportunity to sell your products on their websites.

 The advantage is that Amazon's FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service takes care of all the logistical work involved in selling products. Once a customer orders your product through Amazon, they handle the shipping and any potential returns, allowing you to earn money online.

 Another advantage is the traffic that Amazon has on its website. If you offer your products in your shop, you have to ensure that it is found by other people who are looking to earn money online. With Amazon, you don't have to worry about that when it comes to making money on the internet.

16. Website Testing:

 For the success of a website, it must be user-friendly, easy to understand, and easy to navigate. This should be the goal of every company to attract customers and sell products. Often, the company or the website developer themselves cannot assess how user-friendly their site is.

  Many functions are self-evident to them because they were involved in the development process. However, the end user, who is unfamiliar with the products and the website, has a completely different perspective.

 To improve the user-friendliness of their website, companies regularly look for users to test their website and thoroughly engage with its content. This allows you to quickly earn money online. If you decide to do this, you can sign up on platforms like uinspect. me, where you will be assigned projects and can make money online quickly.

 You examine the website for any errors, then write a detailed report and earn money online. The amount you earn depends on the scope of the website. However, if you take on many assignments, you can also make money online on the side.

17. Web Design:

 Just like user-friendliness, a website also requires an appealing design. Many visitors leave a website early because they are not attracted to the design, it doesn't give a professional impression, or it is too cluttered. This is especially important in 2023 because there is a large number of good websites out there. This gives you a great opportunity to make money online on the side, quickly and legitimately.

 If you are creative, proficient in image editing software, and preferably have experience in web design, you can earn good money online through it. Online web designers are always in demand to create graphics for companies and Make money online in the process.

 To kickstart your career as a web designer and earn a side income, platforms like 99 Designs are ideal. Here, you have a huge selection of assignments, some of which are well-paid, making it a successful way to earn quick money online.

18. App Development: 

 If you know software programming, there are many opportunities for Making money online. If you have an idea that provides added value to other people, it can be worthwhile to develop your app. It's important that the app either offers something that doesn't exist yet or provides a better and easier user experience. Or it offers people a greater value to earn money quickly online.

 Of course, this requires extensive knowledge of app development to earn money quickly online. However, if you possess such skills, you can earn a lot of money through app sales or advertising within the app. The topics for apps are as diverse as the apps themselves, but popular categories include gaming apps or fitness apps.


 If app development is not your thing but you have knowledge of programming websites, you can also do this for other companies. Older companies sometimes lack a sophisticated web presence and are always looking for programmers to take care of their websites. 

 To get jobs and make money, you can either register on corresponding websites like or proactively approach companies whose websites have room for improvement.


 Many self-employed individuals often don't have the funds and capacity to afford their own office with employees. However, there are many tasks they can't handle alone and need support for. For such tasks, many entrepreneurs turn to a virtual assistant. These assistants can handle various tasks such as answering emails or scheduling appointments with business partners.

 Such virtual assistants are matched through platforms like If you want to work here and earn money as an online assistant, you need experience in office work. If that's the case, you can sign up and take on various assignments to quickly earn money online.


 Another way to make money online is by selling unwanted or unnecessary items from your household. For example, you can take some time to sort out your wardrobe or search your basement for old treasures to make money online. 

  With a photo and a brief description, you can easily upload your old items to various online flea markets and offer them for sale right away.

  Often, you don't even have to pay a fee for this, allowing you to quickly earn money online. However, if you find this process too time-consuming, you can also turn to an online buying service like Rebuy to make money. There, you can quickly get rid of your items in large quantities, which will then be resold by the buying service.


 It almost sounds like a dream: watching Netflix all day and still Making money online. And theoretically, it's possible because as a so-called tagger, you watch series and movies on Netflix to categorize them and assign keywords for earning money on the internet. This can amount to 300 keywords per episode of a series and up to 4,000 terms for a movie. 

 However, you don't get to choose which films and series you watch to earn money online. Netflix decides which content needs tagging and provides it to the taggers. This can earn you around $10 per hour, as an additional online income.

Have you found the ideal digital business for yourself?

 You can see that Making money online in 2023 requires your work. But if you have some time and are willing to forgo high income, especially in the beginning, you can build a lucrative side income from home. So seize the opportunity in the billion-dollar online market and create your own digital business!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Making money online.

How can you earn money quickly?

If you're wondering "How can you earn money online?" then you must be patient because big success may not come immediately. However, if you stick with it, you can eventually earn a good living online and make money quickly.

How can you earn money by blogging?

There are various ways to earn money with a blog:

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Directly selling advertising space
  3. Sponsored posts
  4. Marketing your products
  5. Affiliate marketing

How much money can a student earn?

As a student, you can generally earn up to $520 per month. For these mini-jobs, the employer takes care of social insurance and pays flat-rate contributions. Therefore, you don't need to pay income tax.

How can you earn money with apps?

There are roughly five different types of apps through which you can earn money:

  1. Survey apps
  2. Microjob apps
  3. Cashback apps
  4. Sharing apps
  5. Online flea market apps

How can you make money online on the internet?

 For example, you can make money online with an online shop. First, the question arises of what you can sell on the internet to legally earn money. Almost anything can be monetized nowadays – from hand soap to sophisticated software. To generate income with an online shop, you primarily need one thing: a compelling business idea.

What business models are there to earn money online?

Classic online business models include affiliate marketing, dropshipping, or print-on-demand. They all have the advantage that you don't need to pre-finance your products but rather rely on external providers to supply them.

Another option is selling digital information products.


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