How to make money online: 18 proven ideas.

 How to make money online: 18 proven ideas.

 Planning and much study are required to make money online in an honest and proven way. Discover tips to get started and the 18 best ideas to make money online!

How to make money online: 18 proven ideas.
How to make money online: 18 proven ideas.

How to make money online: 

18 proven ideas.

 Lately, many people want to learn how to make money online. If you've seen others succeed and got curious, you will learn about the possibilities of making money online, whether it's to supplement your income or even pursue a career!

 With an eye on financial independence or earning extra income, not to mention the flexibility of working from home, we will show you numerous tips throughout this post, including promising market niches for those who want to start making money online.

Learn to make money online in an honest and proven way:

 A backpack on your back, a smartphone in your hand, or a laptop on your desk: making money online is a dream that can become a reality for many types of professionals. There are even interesting options for beginners on how to make money online because there is always time to learn.

 With access to the World Wide Web, you will have a universe of possibilities to participate in the digital transformation, being able to earn much more than many professionals who work as employees.

 However, there is no magic, let alone a miracle. Everything will be a result of your effort, investment in yourself, technical knowledge, market research, practice, and dedicated commitment.

 The fundamental tip is the same as in all aspects of life: test it out and analyze if your choice is ideal for your physical, emotional, mental, and of course, financial well-being.

 To achieve the desired success, you need to follow a few steps before diving into the vast world of opportunities available on the web. Find out what they are below!

Make a plan:

 The first tip is crucial: make a plan that includes financial aspects, time available to dedicate to the web, necessary equipment, investments, etc.

 Within this, participate in forums and groups, read everything about your project to gather as much information as possible, and avoid making mistakes. Analyze the time available for the activity and evaluate if it's worth combining with another fixed job or not.

 The important thing is to act wisely, without making hasty decisions. After all, making money online is a job that brings good results in the medium and long term. Therefore, review your objectives.

Choose a market niche:

 Those who don't define a specific niche are left without direction, meaning they end up trying various activities without real results. With that in mind, observe the market, the sectors with the greatest potential for 2023, the best-selling digital products, and what you know how to do.

 It would help if you were good, with unique actions within the web. After all, the space is becoming more professionalized, naturally closing doors to those who remain amateurish.

 Look for a segment that you identify with, that motivates and stimulates you to dedicate yourself fully. There will be no shortage of options in the digital market!


 From sales to marketing, from affiliate programs to craft courses, regardless of your choice, there will always be a need to study.

 This is because customers are becoming more demanding. Additionally, you need to know digital marketing techniques to always be seen and remembered.

 How to stand out on Google? How do we increase conversions? How to sell more? All the answers lie in techniques that can be learned.

 Many other practices should be followed, but these are the basics that will allow you to enjoy the advantages of making money online.

Learn to produce content:

 Regardless of the strategy used and your niche, producing content helps you build a solid online presence and authority within your industry.

How do you make money online honestly? 18 proven ideas

 Below, you will find a detailed description of each of these possibilities to make money online. Follow along!

1. make money online on Affiliate marketing:

 A surefire choice that has been helping many people experience success online is to work in affiliate marketing. In this model, you promote products or services from an information producer (info producer) and earn a commission based on the amount spent by people who access the link.

 For example, in a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) course, if you can promote the link and get 50 people to sign up, you will receive a commission based on the total amount paid. In other words, it is possible to earn a high income. To do this, the tip is to register with a reputable platform that has credibility in the market.

 Once you join the team, you will have a list of products and services to promote, making choices according to market niches that are in line with your lifestyle or sales goals.

 Then, a unique link will be generated for you, which can be promoted through your customer access channels, such as social media.

 It is quite easy, and dynamic, and does not require an initial investment. It involves promoting links, including digital or physical products or services, always available on a specific sales platform.

 To increase your profitability, it is important to put into practice sales techniques, always with expertise in the digital market.

 Another essential action in the routine of an affiliate is to deeply understand marketing strategies, always focusing on promoting the product or service. As success is not a result of chance, in this field, one must walk with many techniques, such as:

  • Learning about the digital market;
  • Studying the best digital marketing techniques;
  • Setting goals and objectives;
  • Being part of an established affiliate program;
  • Defining the types of info products you will sell.

2. make money online on YouTube Channel:

 Becoming a successful YouTuber is the life goal of many children and teenagers, but it is possible to make money on the platform by sharing your knowledge.

 There is room for all types of content, from pet tips to curiosities about planets. It all depends on your level of understanding of the chosen niche and your charisma towards the audience.

 Don't be fooled into thinking that simply creating a channel will automatically start generating earnings. YouTube values the number of subscribers to your channel, not just the likes, meaning you need to have consistency and quality in your content.

 Without professional editing, it is unlikely that you will achieve success. The audio needs to be good, the set, and the image, in short, as we mentioned before, the web naturally eliminates amateurs.

 With well-viewed videos, the platform will insert advertisements based on the cost per thousand views, taking into account the quality of consumption and the audience.

 Therefore, YouTube is a long-term investment, but it can also be a channel to build loyalty with your audience, keeping your business' viewership always in the spotlight.

3. make money online on Text Translation:

 Several online platforms pay translators, especially for writing posts in other languages. The possibilities also include translating scientific papers into English or Spanish, particularly article abstracts.

 You can also translate speeches or other materials that will be used in videos, such as subtitles. These professionals are also essential in assisting Brazilian producers who wish to make international sales. Fluency, especially in grammar, is required. This is an excellent opportunity for those who have studied Literature or for foreigners who have been living in Brazil for a long time and vice versa.

4. make money online on App and Website Testing:

 Numerous platforms conduct tests on websites and applications and pay internet users to perform these tasks.

 With free time, it is possible to participate in the process, but there may be waiting lists to start earning. A minimum daily commitment is required, so you often have to evaluate if it will be worthwhile.

 This is a faster option, but it is limited. You cannot scale your earnings or build a career solely on this. But it is something for those who are starting and it is a proven and honest way to make money on the internet.

5. make money online on an Online Store:

 Opening an online store has been a top digital venture for many people. By using a platform with ready-made templates, the initial cost is very low.

 Taking advantage of the marketplace boom, you can make considerable profits, but don't forget: once again, prioritize planning and segmenting your products. It is important to study delivery logistics, potential partnerships, initial investment, marketing, diversification of sales channels, and more.

6. make money online on Survey Websites:

 Knowing that data is essential in decision-making, most companies have invested in opinion surveys, especially regarding their customers' consumption habits.

 Since the online universe is vast, several platforms offer payments to those who respond to surveys. Here are some options:

  • Google Opinion Rewards: By answering qualitative surveys, you earn credits that can be used in the Play Store.
  • LifePoints: Upon registration, you start accumulating points. Surveys are sent to your email, and the points can be exchanged for cash. And the best part: the payment is in dollars or gift cards.
  • PiniOn: After evaluating brands, products, and services, all through your smartphone, you can earn an average of 25 cents per analysis, providing a good opportunity for extra income.

7. make money online on Freelance Writer:

 Whether in digital marketing or content marketing, there is plenty of work for web writers. This field is usually occupied by professionals in Journalism or Literature, but opportunities are available to everyone who can write according to the rules of the Portuguese language and aligned with web writing techniques.

 For this reason, platforms offer courses and tests, requiring knowledge of SEO techniques, copywriting, content marketing, and scannability, among others.

 Most of the time, you will be writing blog posts, e-books, landing pages, email marketing, infographics, internal company materials, and social media captions. Additionally, some platforms connect freelancers with companies, serving as a springboard for success in your career.

8. make money online on Freelance Editor:

 As texts written using content marketing techniques require corrections, there is also room for text editors. In addition to providing feedback to writers, they refine posts, making the materials even more attractive, with a focus on lead conversion and increased sales.

 Communication is excellent for those who want to become a freelancer on the web, with jobs that can be conducted by designers, layout artists, voice actors, scriptwriters, animators, video editors, graphic artists, photographers, and so on. At Hotmart, we have even created a platform to connect content creators with these specialized professionals: Hotmart PRO.

9. make money online on Social Media Management:

 Making money online in an honest and completely legal way includes a wide variety of options, and of course, social media plays a role in this process.

As many companies are gaining authority on the web and selling a lot online, those who provide management services can earn a good income as service providers.

 It is necessary to know how to write and create artwork, as well as how to conduct traffic management strategies and analyze metrics. In their routine, the professional plans, creates, and makes posts, always in tune with the client.

 Furthermore, they respond to follower comments, and create strategies, in other words, they work with a focus on increasing engagement and conversions, always keeping an eye on the results. The creation of content can be offered to entrepreneurs, traders, and freelancers.

10. make money online on Virtual Assistant:

 Working as a virtual assistant is entirely online, acting to organize schedules, manage companies, create spreadsheets, and so on. They are professionals who schedule meetings, send emails, provide customer support, and more.

 In addition to that, their activities also include bill payments, schedule creation, purchases, and planning travel experiences, both for business and tourism purposes, for the company owners. All these activities are done online.

11. make money online by Selling Used Products:

 The internet has also created opportunities for old establishments but with a new twist. Selling used products can be seen as a kind of online thrift store, but it also includes appliances and various utility items.

 It's a way to make money online by getting rid of something that is lying around in your house, but it also opens opportunities for those who like to buy and resell.

 Some people make a good income by scanning their families for items to sell, using the money to acquire new pieces, and increasing the visibility of their online store.

 If you don't want to invest in an e-commerce website, you can register on online selling platforms. They take a percentage of the sales but provide the necessary support.

 Since there are numerous sellers, it's essential to stand out through digital marketing techniques, which include investing in paid advertisements. Here are some platform options:

  • OLX
  • Mercado Livre
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Instagram

12. make money online on Artisan Crafts Sales:

 If you know how to make mandalas, necklaces, bracelets, rings, paintings, toys, games, and similar items, you can truly make money online. For example, on Elo7, you can sell your creations, including personalized products.

 In this marketplace specialized in buying and selling, which was recently acquired by Etsy, a giant in the American artisan crafts market, there is no shortage of customers. There are several categories where you can showcase your products and make considerable profits.

13. make money online through Online Courses:

 Whether you are an English teacher, a fitness instructor, or an expert in a subject that is relevant to public exams, online courses are thriving in the digital market and cover various sectors, from personal finance to health, gastronomy to gardening.

 If you have extensive knowledge in a subject, it's worth creating a course and selling it to interested students using an online learning system. The key is to always choose a topic that sparks the interest of the audience and in which you have broad knowledge and technical skills to convey the information.

14. make money online with Cashback:

 The rewards program is also a legitimate and proven way to make money online, and it is practiced by numerous companies. You can get back a portion of the money spent on purchases through certain platforms, maximizing discounts. It's an excellent choice for saving money.

 Numerous companies accept cashback with various benefits. Therefore, it's worth researching to join the best program that aligns with your lifestyle.

15. make money online with Info products:

 Digital product creators develop info products that are marketed on digital platforms. Among the ways to make money, this requires skills in creating materials and extensive knowledge of the topics being covered.

 And those who think that digital products are only online courses are mistaken. That is just one option. You can also create webinars, e-books, podcasts, and workshops, among other options.

16. make money online by Mentoring:

 Mentoring is one of the ways to turn content into income, but it is more exclusive, hands-on, and involves a deeper exchange with clients, which allows for charging higher fees. This is a type of high-ticket digital product.

 In the mentoring format, you can create groups based on interests or work with each student individually, providing personalized lessons or offering assistance to help the mentees achieve what you offer.

 It is different from an online course, for example, because mentoring depends much more on the student's involvement.

17. make money online by  Monetization on Social Media:

 In addition to gaining and engaging an audience for sales, you can also use social media to make money online. Platforms like YouTube and TikTok have monetization models where you earn money based on the views of your videos.

 To achieve this, you need to create well-produced content that retains the audience's attention and has an eligible profile for monetization. Generally, you need to have a minimum number of followers and views in the last 12 months. Then, you need to adhere to the monetization rules, apply for them, and track the results.

 And don't think that you need to make an initial financial investment in equipment or anything like that to achieve this.

 Furthermore, even social media platforms that don't offer native monetization allow you to generate sales and make money through the content you publish there. This applies to digital influencers and creators who have sponsored content, advertising, and other partnerships that can generate monetization.

 Not to mention that with an audience, authority, and content production, you can leverage your channels to sell your info products or third-party products as an affiliate and earn commissions.

18. make money online on Membership Area:

 The membership area, or paid community, is one of the ways to make money online through content and audience. It's like having your social network where only paying followers have access to the content.

 This can be done on Instagram, with the latest updates, on YouTube, or even on specific platforms for this purpose, such as Hotmart.

 You might be wondering why someone would pay when they can already access your free content on social media. The reasons are many: your followers may want to know about the behind-the-scenes of your projects, have a more organized knowledge path, and have a greater exchange with you, among many other possibilities.

 Of course, this is not a business model for every content creator. It will depend on the type of content you produce, the profile of your audience, and the relationship you have with your followers.

Make money online in a sustainable and scalable way:

 We mentioned in the list some activities that are part of the creator economy, such as creating info products like online courses and other forms of digital products, and even social media management.

 The creator economy refers to the ecosystem of content creators, which includes digital influencers, agencies, videomakers, and launch experts, among many professionals.

 When you enter the creator economy, you start to work as a freelancer, creating your own company - unlike a freelance worker.

How to Make Money Online Honestly:

 Due to being one of the main avenues for success in today's society, there are also scams claiming to offer ways to make money online quickly.

 As we mentioned before, there are no miraculous formulas. Just like in other areas of the economy, positive results will come to those who dedicate themselves, seek knowledge, have persistence, and show great dedication to their chosen field.

 Therefore, it is possible to make money online safely and honestly, as long as you follow the steps described so far. Additionally, you need to be wary of promises that offer "miraculous" results. Here are some precautions to consider:

Be skeptical of "unrealistic" promises:

 Do you think it will be possible to buy a Ferrari in just one year of working online? Or lose 30 kilograms in three weeks?

 To attract new customers for certain products or services, many unscrupulous individuals share photos of people getting rich, traveling to magical places, or showcasing before-and-after transformations after a weight loss program.

 Keep in mind that promises that sound too good to be true may be hiding the real facts. After all, do you think making money is easy? Does it grow on trees? The teachings of the past also apply to the internet: nothing comes without effort, everything is the result of hard work, discipline, dedication, and focus.

 With that in mind, stay away from advertisements that promise above-average earnings in the market, as they are often unrealistic promises. Deep down, they want to grab your attention or sell you something.

 What the internet values are skilled professionals who meet deadlines, deliver incredible materials, and think outside the box. If you receive a contact from a company promising extraordinary earnings from digital products, be skeptical!

 There are also pyramid schemes or scams that involve selling beautifully packaged courses that offer no real content. If you come across a message with this type of content, gather information about the source, research the company's reputation, and analyze what other people say.

 By doing so, you will certainly avoid countless headaches. There are many examples of people who are already facing financial difficulties and end up losing what little they have due to these scams on the web.

Don't click on links sent by strangers:

 One common action in the digital world is data theft through the sending of links that arrive in enticing emails. They offer a gift, a bonus, a discount on a particular purchase, or even use the name of a reputable company in the market.

 By clicking on the link, users end up giving away their data, and their personal information is compromised. Frequently, these links come with messages about how to make money online quickly.

To avoid falling into such traps, never click on suspicious links. Instead, look for the mentioned company by visiting their official website. Also, make sure the URL is not corrupted.

Never make transfers without knowing the destination:

 Miraculous promises to make money online often come with requests for financial transfers, even if it's a small amount. If you receive a message of this kind, do not transfer any money. Only make the transfer if you are certain of the company's integrity and have reliable information from trusted sources about the proposed offer.

The advantages of making money online:

 In addition to earning potentially more than conventional jobs governed by labor laws, those who choose to work on the web enjoy several advantages in their daily lives. Moreover, there are so many different paths to take that there are various options for beginners on how to make money online. And the first one, which has gained popularity recently, is working from home. Check them out below!

Geographical freedom:

 In addition to working from anywhere with internet access, you can frequently move around if that's your choice. In one month, you could be in a coastal city, and the next, in the mountains or the countryside of a different state. This way, you can meet new people and experience different cultures, expanding your range of experiences. It's an option that balances work demands with personal commitments, contributing to motivation and productivity.

Flexible hours:

 Whether at home, a coworking space, a countryside retreat, or a cafĂ©, you can make money online from unimaginable places. All you need is a good internet connection. This allows you to create your schedule, working full-time, only at night, in the morning, or even throughout the night. 

 You can work three days a week, five, or seven, or take ten days off. It's important to know that flexible hours will affect your earnings because if you don't work, you won't earn. However, the absence of a fixed schedule attracts many people to the web, especially those who have various personal commitments at certain times of the month.

Absence of uniforms:

 Working on the internet is synonymous with freedom in several ways. In terms of clothing, you will be free from uniforms and the formality commonly found in offices. You can set up your workspace the way you've always dreamed of, with proper ergonomics, your preferred decoration, and even the presence of your pet.

Professional autonomy:

 Those who work on the web have more autonomy because they are their career managers. This way, you can balance courses with your professional life, building excellent networking opportunities. By connecting with other content creators, partnerships can arise, and you will be working in a field that has always sparked your interest. As a result, the chances of success increase significantly, opening up a wide range of opportunities. 

 That's why many people experience a positive energy flow over the years, growing much more compared to the conventional market. After all, complacency is a verb that is not spoken in online work, meaning you always need to stay connected and seek new knowledge.

More time with family:

 Since remote work predominates in the digital world, you will certainly have more time to enjoy the company of your family. It is ideal to create a schedule to maintain balance, setting aside time for children, your partner, pets, friends, travel, and personal achievements. Discipline, organization, and high motivation are necessary to avoid getting lost. After all, when work accumulates after certain procrastinations, you may have serious time management problems.

Lower investment:

 Imagine setting up a physical store. You would have to conduct market research, rent a commercial space, purchase merchandise, hire and train employees, pay fees, taxes, and more. On the other hand, in an e-commerce business, everything is simplified. Investments are much lower, and the return on investment (ROI) happens much faster compared to the offline reality. This is one reason for the increase in online sales and the growth of the sector both in Brazil and worldwide. As long as you have the appropriate equipment and knowledge of marketing techniques and the chosen segment, everything flows positively, opening up several growth opportunities.

The challenges of making money online:

 Not everything is roses, and you need to know that there will be challenges. No one makes money online without effort. Here are some challenges we have selected especially for you!

Financial insecurity:

 Many people who lose their jobs or quit in search of money online opportunities may experience financial instability. After all, there are seasonalities and some returns that only happen in the medium or long term. This is especially true in the first few months of starting a new venture. Therefore, the advice is to always diversify investments, with a budget plan based on your possibilities.

Lack of employment benefits:

 Vacations, thirteenth salary, severance fund (FGTS), and profit sharing are some of the benefits that will no longer be part of your life if you choose to make money online. For those who dedicate themselves full-time to the web, it is important to be a micro-entrepreneur (MEI), self-employed under the Simplified Tax Regime (Simples Nacional), or have private pension plans. Being an MEI is particularly crucial in many online jobs as some companies require issuing invoices as a legal entity. As your boss, the responsibilities for these obligations will fall on you.


 Remember those coffee breaks with colleagues or Friday night happy hours at the office? They are unlikely to happen in the routine of those who work online.

 Your day-to-day will be you and the screen of your PC, laptop, or smartphone, with online relationships. Therefore, meetings will be virtual, conversations will be through email or apps, and you will rarely see someone in person.

 You may never meet an analyst from a certain platform, even if you have been using it for over five years. Thus, loneliness will be a hallmark of your days. It is important to take care of your mental health by engaging in physical activities and setting aside time for leisure. 

 Coworking spaces are an option that brings together professionals from various fields, improving social interaction and networking. This way, you can avoid the dreaded work overload and make your routine healthier.

Tips for choosing the best way to make money online:

 As we have seen, there are numerous ways to make money online. However, choosing the right option can be a challenge. Here are valuable tips to help you identify how to make money online in the best way, considering your interests, skills, and financial goals. Let's get started:

  • Evaluate your interests and passions: Before diving into any online venture to make money, it's important to reflect on your passions and interests. Working on something you love makes the process more rewarding and increases your chances of success.
  • Identify your skills and knowledge: Have clarity about the knowledge you possess. It could be something related to your current job, a hobby, or a specific skill you have developed over time. You can even conduct a SWOT analysis to help you with this.
  • Stay updated on the latest trends: Keep yourself informed about the current trends in the online market. What's on the rise? Stay attentive to the content of major players in the Creator Economy.
  • Evaluate the necessary investment: Each online business model may require different levels of investment. Determine how much time, money, and resources you are willing to invest in your online venture.
  • Be willing to learn and evolve: It is essential to learn new skills, monitor the performance of your strategy, adapt to market changes, and understand the behavior of your target audience to ensure your ongoing success.

Next steps to make money online:

 As you have seen throughout this post, making money online is not an easy task, but all your efforts will undoubtedly be rewarded. And there are so many options that there are strategies for beginners as well. If you are willing to take on this challenge, know that the results can be highly profitable!


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