Ways to Make Money from Freelancing Platforms.

 Ways to Make Money from Freelancing Platforms.

 Are you tired of traditional jobs, strict management, or a lack of appreciation for your efforts? Are you looking to be your boss? Have you heard about earning through freelance platforms but don't know where to start? 

 We are here to help you chart your path towards the world of freelancing. Welcome to our humble blog, "Salyou."!

Ways to Make Money from Freelancing Platforms.
Ways to Make Money from Freelancing Platforms.

Ways to Make Money from Freelancing Platforms.

Dear reader, in this article, we will address these elements:
  • What are freelance platforms?
  • The importance of freelance platforms
  • Advantages of freelance platforms
  • Challenges of freelancing platforms
  • Mechanism of Freelancing Platforms
  • Earning from freelance platforms
  • Fields of freelancing

What are freelance platforms?

 Freelance platforms are websites that act as intermediaries between two parties. The first party is the freelancer who offers services online, and the second party is the client or project owner who needs those services. 
 These platforms are typically not government entities but are operated by individuals who connect these parties, following flexible rules that ensure the rights of both parties.

The importance of freelance platforms:

 Thomas Dior once said, "The mind is like a parachute, it doesn't work unless it's open." This is where the importance of freelance platforms lies in opening up new horizons. They provide freelancers and clients with complete freedom without the constraints of fixed working hours, strict decisions, or specific financial compensation. 
Therefore, they enable significant progress and continuous success for their users. The importance of freelance platforms can be summarized in five key aspects:

1. Your Identity:

 Freelance platforms provide you with your identity as a freelancer or a freelancer. You can authenticate your account with your identity, add all your skills to a designated skills section, include your experiences in your profile's bio, and showcase all your completed works in your portfolio, which is visible to all clients within the platform.

2. Rights Protection:

 Freelance platforms ensure simultaneous protection of the rights of both freelancers and clients. Regarding freelancers' monetary rights, clients cannot initiate any project without depositing a specific amount equal to the project's value into their account on the platform. 
This provides a sense of complete reassurance, as the platform safeguards your rights in case of any disputes between you and the project owner. When the project begins, the funds are transferred from the owner's account to the platform until the work is delivered in full, at which point the funds are transferred from the platform to your account.

 Regarding the client's rights, freelance platforms allow them the freedom to accept or reject reviewing the project before taking it from the freelancer. 
If the freelancer has not uploaded the work files within the project's discussion, their account may be temporarily frozen until it is confirmed that all work files are ready and delivered to the project owner.

3. Effective Communication:

 Freelance platforms provide features to facilitate effective communication between freelancers and project owners. Project owners can communicate with freelancers before hiring them to inquire about anything. 
 After the project is requested, the platforms allow communication through voice and text messages, as well as the ability to attach work files for sharing between the two parties.

4. Technical Support:

Freelancing platforms provide their users with technical support services through email or messaging via the site's help center. 
If you have any questions, or inquiries, or encounter any issues within the platform and don't know what to do, you simply need to contact the support department. You will find many specialized individuals who can provide you with quick solutions in the simplest ways.

5. Tips and Advice:

 Freelancing platforms offer continuous tips and advice, both before and after project delivery, as well as during the work itself. In addition to providing extensive blogs that offer hundreds of articles explaining various topics of interest to freelancers and clients, such as design, digital marketing, translation, content writing, business management, freelancing, and much more. 
 These resources help you acquire additional skills and experiences. Some of the prominent blogs in this field are the blog of the Khamsat website and the blog of the Mstqell website.

Advantages of Freelancing Platforms:

Freelancing platforms have many advantages, including:

First: Independence:

 Independence is the most important advantage of freelancing since it gives you a sense of absolute freedom as your boss. You have the freedom to choose clients, negotiate budgets with them, search for new clients to work with, and select projects that align with your skills. 
 For example, if you come across a complex project with low profitability, you can reject it because you're not obligated to take on projects you don't want to work on. The decision is entirely up to you.

 Therefore, my friend, you are free in this field, as you are the CEO of your own company, and you always have the freedom to choose suitable projects. 
 However, don't forget that freelancing is not a permanent vacation or resignation from a job. It also requires effort and time to satisfy your clients. You can work only two days a week according to your schedule, and all of that will be under your complete control.

Second: Great Opportunities: 

 Paulo Coelho once said, "Look for opportunities that fulfill your goals, and if you cannot find them, create them." In the face of increasing unemployment rates, freelancing platforms provide numerous online work opportunities through the wide range of projects available in various fields, such as writing and translation projects, engineering and architecture projects, business projects, programming projects, and many more. 
 You can work on multiple projects simultaneously as long as you possess the required skills and capabilities. Seize the opportunity and continuously work on developing your skills to enhance your employability in those projects.

Third: Skill Development 

 Freelancing platforms offer freelancers a significant opportunity to develop their skills through various training courses, rich blogs with instructional articles and continuous tips on each project, support for new projects, and assistance in improving professional communication skills with clients. 
 On the other hand, each project you work on adds something new to your experience, attracting more clients and helping you develop your professional life, qualifying you to compete in the freelancing market. Unlike traditional employment, which often does not allow for skill development and improvement, as it relies on a specific conventional system.

Fourth: Making money

 There is no specific limit to earning money in freelancing, as you can work on multiple projects simultaneously without restrictions. The more you increase your productivity and improve your skills, the more money you can earn.
 Freelancing platforms have a rating system after project delivery, allowing clients to rate freelancers and provide feedback on their working experience. It is worth mentioning that this rating is available to everyone and significantly contributes to your success on the platform, increases your visibility, attracts more clients, and leads to higher profits.

Fifth: Flexibility in dealing

 If you dislike waking up early, adhering to traditional job policies, or even dressing formally, that will fade away in freelancing. It is not bound by specific time or full-time/part-time commitments. It provides sufficient flexibility to work on projects whenever you want and determine the appropriate delivery time in agreement with the project owner.
Freelancing does not tie you to a specific location. You can complete your projects anywhere, whether at home, in an office, in a garden, or even while traveling. This is the main reason why many freelancers have turned to freelancing. Additionally, you can work during your weekly or monthly vacations to stay close to your clients wherever you go.

Sixth: Networking

Working on freelancing platforms helps you build a network of relationships not limited by geographical boundaries as your work expands and penetrates the job market. You can build purposeful work relationships that bring you more projects, form friendships that gain you more skills and experiences, and get to know different cultures and new communication styles.

Challenges of freelancing platforms:

 You will face many challenges in your freelancing work, as is the case with the beginnings of any business. The following are the most prominent challenges faced by freelancers at the beginning of their freelancer journey:
  1. Difficulty in starting and lack of sufficient experience.
  2. Intense competition.
  3. Attracting clients and satisfying them regarding the quality of work, meeting deadlines, budget constraints, and required modifications after delivery.
  4. Time management and achieving a balance between professional and social life.
  5. Exposure to prevalent fraud and scams. However, there are many platforms today that protect the rights and ensure a safe and reliable working environment for freelancers and project owners, such as Fiverr and Upwork.
  6. Working on multiple projects simultaneously.
  7. Irregular income. This is one of the toughest challenges in freelancing because you may go through weeks of work pressure and other times when you struggle to find work. However, your ability to market yourself and your skills professionally opens up job opportunities.
  8. Difficulty in staying constantly connected to seize job opportunities and not using modern electronic devices. For example, working from a phone can be very tiring, while working on a computer increases productivity.
  9. Issues with withdrawing funds. This challenge is usually faced by new freelancers, although freelancing platforms today provide various means of withdrawing funds such as PayPal or credit cards.

Mechanism of Freelancing Platforms:

 The mechanism of freelancing platforms varies from one platform to another. Some platforms allow clients to post their project requirements and the appropriate price, while freelancers can submit their suitable proposals for the project. 
 Examples of such platforms include Mostaql, the largest Arabic freelancing platform. On the other hand, some platforms allow freelancers to showcase their services and set their prices, while clients can purchase one of these services. An example of such a platform is Khamsat, the largest Arabic marketplace for buying and selling microservices.

Earning from Freelancing Platforms:

 All freelancers aspire to achieve financial security and profit through the Internet. To earn from freelancing platforms, follow these steps:
  1. Create your account on Arabic freelancing platforms and complete your profile information, such as adding a profile picture and verifying your email.
  2. Build a professional portfolio that includes samples of your work to attract clients to hire you.
  3. Add your skills and qualifications and use relevant tags provided by the platform to help buyers find your services.
  4. Write a compelling bio that highlights three key aspects to the buyer: Who are you? What are the features of your services? Why should they choose you?
  5. Improve your skills through training courses, videos, success stories, and reading articles provided by platform blogs.
  6. Learn how to create attractive proposals for clients through tutorial videos on YouTube or learn from successful peers in the same field.
  7. Communicate politely, professionally, and respectfully with project owners.

Fields of Freelancing:

 The fields of freelancing are diverse and cover most specializations. Some of the most in-demand fields within freelancing platforms, which have high sales rates, include:
  • Writing and translation
  • Graphic design
  • Programming
  • Digital Marketing
  • Online training and education
  • Support and assistance
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Business management

 Now, you can outline your correct steps and start directly through reliable freelancing platforms that ensure rights, provide benefits, and offer many job opportunities in various fields. 

 The most important thing is to continuously develop your skills to compete in the freelancing market and prove your worth.

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